Cheap HTC Phones,-Samsung has been busted paying students to compose awful reviews about competitor goods



Samsung has been busted paying students to compose awful reviews about competitor goods-Cheap HTC Phones,





    By Mylan Cellular

April 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy SIV

Samsung has been busted paying students to compose awful reviews about competitor goods. Source: Supplied
SAMSUNG is being enquired by fair-trade administration in Taiwan over assertions it paid persons to admonish its competitor HTC online.
The tech monster allegedly hired students to write contradictory comments on social networking sites about HTC phones, PC Advisor reported.
Taiwanese website, published documents from Samsung’s chartered marketing firm which listed the number of different posts it had been responsible for last year. One of the mails recorded comprised a complaint that his girlfriend’s HTC One X telephone smashed into certainly and an claim that Samsung’s Galaxy Note was a better merchandise.

The article furthermore listed reconsiders asserting that the Samsung Galaxy S3’s had better graphics and battery life than the HTC One X.
Samsung said it had not obtained a notice from Taiwan’s Free Trade Commission but accepted the contradictory promotion crusade was an “unfortunate incident” that had gone against its “fundamental principles”.
“Samsung Electronics Taiwan (SET) has stopped all trading undertakings that engage the posting of anonymous comments,” it said in a statement.
“Samsung adheres to transparent and dependable communications with consumers.” The business said it is working to avert the smear campaign from occurrence afresh.
If found guilty of false advocating, the business could face penalties of up to $811,000.
HTC said it wasn’t ruling out “taking appropriate activity” against Samsung.


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