Cheap Galaxy Phones-Samsung Galaxy S4: top 5 accessories

Samsung Galaxy S4: top 5 accessories-Cheap Galaxy Phones


By Mylan Cellular

April 19, 2013

Here are some of the top smartphone accessories for the upcoming Galaxy S4

  Galaxy S4 launch day is just about a week away in here in the United States. Soon you’ll be able to pick up 2013’s most anticipated smartphone. For many out there, buying a smartphone is a big deal and purchasing the perfect accessory can be pretty tough. Luckily, you have us to show you the best accessories out there for the Galaxy S4.
That’s right friends, we’ve done all the thinking for you and broken down your choices as best we can. With any luck you’ll be able to waltz right into your local Best Buy and purchase a great accessory for your Samsung Galaxy S4.
Read on to see some of the best smartphone accessories for the Galaxy S4 below.
Morphie Powerstation. The
Morphie Powerstation is a wonderful gift for any Galaxy S4 fan. The portable charger is basically a power-pack you stick in your pocket and can be used to charged any smartphone on a moment’s notice. It is perfect for those on the go and launching later this month.
Belkin Micra Folio. The Belkin Micra Folio is an awesome case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Half smartphone and half wallet, the device keeps your S4
safe\l ” in a stylish way. The case is made of a durable, finely brushed material that is super soft to the touch. The case can be found here.
iBolt ProDock. The
iBolt ProDock will hold basically any smartphone in place in a car. It is attached to the dashboard and holds the smartphone horizontally or vertically. The accessory is great for those moms who are bad with directions and need immediate access\l ” to Google Maps navigation.
Freedom Pro Bluetooth Keyboard. The
Freedom Pro keyboard is great for those who never know when they have to write up a quick, long e-mail. It unfolds in seconds and comes with a dock for the smartphone. Overall, it’s a bit pricey, but worth it if you have a lot of urgent e-mails when traveling.
Idapt S2. Looking for a speaker dock that works with your S4 and Apple iPad? If so, look no further as the Idapt S2 certainly fits the bill. The S2 lets you stream music from your new Galaxy S4 to speakers easily and quickly. It’s awesome.


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