Buy Cell Phones Cheap-iPhone 6 launch not likely to happen before summer 2014

iPhone 6 launch not likely to happen before summer 2014-Buy Cell Phones Cheap


By: Mylan Cellular

April 17, 2013

Apple’s upcoming iOS devices could be severely delayed, according to reports

If you’ve been hopping from one foot to the other, anxiously awaiting the release of Apple’s next-gen iPhone(s) then look away now, because we may have some bad news for you. It appears that the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and other devices, including the cheaper iPhone and iWatch could experience significant delays.

The news comes by way of Jeffries and Co. analyst Peter Misek, who recently visited Apple’s production partners in the Far East. Misek claims that the delay could affect the full gamut of upcoming devices from the Cupertino, Calif. company.

Speaking to Street Insider, Misek asserted his belief that pre-production issues would lead to manufacturers missing the proposed July to September target for the iPhone 5S. He also cited recent reports of delays in rolling out the next iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system\l “, iOS 7, which would be running the new devices.

It isn’t just bad news for the iPhone 5S though, according to the analyst. He suggested that the delays would extend beyond the next iPhone, affecting the proposed budget iPhone and the long-awaited iPhone 6 which, he now believes, isn’t likely to see the light of day before summer 2014.

Misek spoke candidly about the expected delays, stating “iPhone 5S is having pre-production issues, with mass production at least a month or more away. This, combined with the publicly discussed delay of iOS7, puts a July availability at risk (we had estimated July to early Sep). Low-cost iPhone launch may be pushed to CQ4.”

He went on to say “We continue to believe there is almost no chance the iPhone 6 launches in CY13 (Calendar Year 2013) due to supply chain issues; June 2014 is more likely.” To make matters worse he also poured cold water on speculation surrounding Apple’s alleged smartwatch, claiming “We have not yet seen any evidence of iWatch production.”

A significant delay in rolling out new hardware\l ” is likely to hit Apple hard, especially given the recent reports regarding the company’s decaying cache with young people. Both Samsung and HTC have just raised the curtain on new, powerful smartphones and without something to meet their challenge head-on, Apple may struggle to keep up – and we may yet also see new devices from Motorola and Google, to add further insult to injury

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