Used Phones Online-HTC One launches on T-Mobile April 24

HTC One launches on T-Mobile April 24-Used Phones Online-


April 16, 2013



The Android superphone can be yours for $99 down and monthly payments

The HTC One will be landing on T-Mobile April 24 and the Android superphone should be one of the best handsets


In our full review of the HTC One, we said, “Buy the HTC One. You won’t regret it. If you’re up for a contract renewal or you’re aching to replace the aging smartphone in your pocket, the HTC One has everything you need and then some.”To be fair, our review was of the AT&T version but we’re not expecting too many changes with the HTC One on T-Mobile. You’re still getting a gorgeous 4.7-inch 1080p HD screen, a powerful processor, the UltraPixel camera, the BoomSound front-facing speakers, support for T-Mobile 4G LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and everything else you’d expect from a high-end smartphone.


One change for the HTC One on T-Mobile is that you won’t be getting a huge direct subsidy thanks to the new UnCarrier strategy. This means you can walk in, get a credit check, put a $99 down payment and walk out with the HTC One. You’ll then have to pay $20 a month for up to 24 motnhs until it’s paid off or you can pay it off early, if that suits you.


As for the rate plans, T-Mobile makes it pretty simple: You can choose a $50, $60 or $70 plan for unlimited talk, text and 500MB, 2GB or unlimited data, respectively. Getting mobile hotspot and family plan complicates it a little bit but all of these prices don’t include a long-term contract.


I walked into a T-Mobile store yesterday and got the $60 plan – I was shocked at how easy and simple the experience was. I walked in, told them what I wanted, signed a piece of paper and walked out ten minutes later with an activated SIM (I had an unlocked device and the SIM cost $10).

Now, I’m an advanced user (fancy, I know) and I knew exactly what I needed and how I wanted it, so the experience may vary for first-time buyers or those having to finance a phone. Still, I was surprised at how nice T-Mobile made the buying experience.



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