The Newest Galaxy Phone-Samsung Galaxy S4 launches on seven carriers in April

Samsung Galaxy S4 launches on seven carriers in April-The Newest Galaxy Phone


April 17, 2013


T-Mobile offers the cheapest Galaxy S4 option so far at $150. Here’s where you’ll be able to score Samsung‘s flagship Android smartphone



Samsung announced Wednesday that its brand new Galaxy S4 phone will be available from seven different U.S. carriers starting this month. Specific launch dates and pricing for the GS4 will vary depending on the carrier, but T-Mobile is already ahead of the game, posting on its site that the Android handset will be available on April 24 for an upfront cost of $149.99.


Notice anything funny about that price? You should, because it’s roughly $50 cheaper than what other carriers charge for these spankin’ new, high-end devices. T-Mobile now offers several budget-friendly contract-free options, so if you’re one to cringe over a typical two-year commitment with a carrier, this is certainly one worth looking into (just keep in mind that T-Mobile’s coverage isn’t totally up to par yet, so you may want to check how your region rates first).


Sprint has also claimed its Galaxy S4 launch date as April 27 for a steep $250. That price might be enough to conjure tears for some, but Sprint is offering a $100 credit if you switch over from another carrier. Pre-orders for Sprint begin on April 18 and will be available in either “White Frost” or “Black Mist” (don’t get hung up on the names, it’s really just white and black).


The remaining carriers including Verizon, AT&T, U.S. Cellular, C Spire and Cricket have yet to announce their own Galaxy S4 launch dates and pricing, but that should all go down by the end of April. It should also be noted that you’ll have the option to pick up Samsung’s GS4 at some major retailers including Walmart, Radio Shack and Costco, among others.


To quickly recap, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 includes a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor, a 13-megapixel camera, a five-inch Super AMOLED HD display and a trailing list of innovative software\l ” features.


“The Galaxy S line of smartphones has achieved momentous success with 100 million in unit sales worldwide in less than three years. This validates that we are addressing what consumers want from a smartphone,” said president of Samsung Telecommunications America Dale Sohn in a release. “The fourth generation of Samsung’s flagship device builds upon the tradition of excellence and provides consumers with even more innovation that simplifies and redifines the way individuals will interact with their Galaxy S4. We believe this device will be a true companion to all aspects of a consumer’s life from work, to travel and even watching TV.”


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