Discounted Phones-Motorola X Phone to be phenomenal

Motorola X Phone to be phenomenal-Discounted Phones

By: Mylan Cellular

April 16, 2013




Google’s Eric Schmidt said the latest Motorola phones will transcend smartphones

Google’s Eric Schmidt said that the upcoming Motorola phone, including the rumored X Phone, will be “phenomenal” and that these won’t just be smartphones. Instead, the upcoming Motorola devices will be what he calls “phones-plus.” 

He said this at the Dive Into Mobile conference, according to The Verge, and he didn’t reveal much more. Since Google purchased Motorola last year, Google hasn’t been very praising of the devices it has already released but it has promised that the first crop of Google-owned Motorola phones would arrive with a “wow” factor.

While Schmidt didn’t tip too much on the upcoming Motorola X phone, other rumors suggest that it will have a high-resolution screen, a top-of-the-line processor, support 4G LTE and it will run the latest version of Android which is expected to be called Key Lime Pie. It’s unclear if this will be part of the Nexus lineup or if this will go through the carriers like Motorola traditionally does. 

Over at PC Mag, Motorola’s design chief said that the company is working on stock Android devices which will likely hit by the second half of 2013. Additionally, Motorola will be focusing on screen sizes which fit right in the middle of the market – although nowadays, that could still mean a 4.5-inch device or higher. 

Whatever the case, it’s clear that the Google influence on Motorola is finally starting to bear fruit. Keep in mind that even though Google bought Motorola last year, making phones is a lengthy process which takes up to 18 months. Motorola already had a variety of devices in the pipeline that it had to release even if it didn’t have the so-called “wow” factor. 

Still, I sincerely hope that Motorola doesn’t fall into the “thinspiration” camp and forgets about battery life because it has produced some of the best devices to get your through busy days



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