Cheap Samsung Phones-Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to feature premium chassis?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to feature premium chassis?-Cheap Samsung Phones


April 16, 2013


Samsung is purportedly concerned about the build quality of its Galaxy devices, may shift to premium materials

Rumors abound that Samsung will finally overhaul the one aspect of its Galaxy Note range which might be deemed a disappointment when it rolls out its Galaxy Note 3 – its plastic chassis.

Sources over at Sam Mobile claim that Samsung has become worried about its build quality, in light of criticism and the overwhelming praise that has recently been heaped on HTC’s One, which boasts an aluminium unibody design, and has decided to craft its next-gen phablet from premium materials.

What materials we aren’t sure, but it’s fairly safe to say that an all-aluminum Galaxy Note 3 would sell like proverbial hot-cakes, as would a device manufactured from glass or ceramic, in fact anything that isn’t plastic!

The Galaxy Note 3 will reportedly be unveiled at this year’s IFA in Berlin, which kicks-off on August 31, and the device is rumored to feature a 6-inch FHD AMOLED screen and Samsung’s powerful Exynos 5 Octa chipset, which will give the device plenty of zip whilst also allowing it to use less power. The device will also reportedly feature 4GB RAM and a boosted cell, offering even longer uptime than the Galaxy Note 2, a device famed for its battery life.

Moving the device to a more top-tier material would make sense because, not only would it answer the one criticism which has been leveled at the otherwise excellent range of devices from the beginning, but it would also allow Samsung to define clear lines between the Galaxy Note range and its newly unveiled Galaxy Mega line, which promises to offer all the pros of a phablet without the high device cost.

After all, who is going to fork out top-dollar for the Note 3 if they can pick up the Mega 6.3, which is rumored to have almost as many smarts, for two-thirds of the price?

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