Buy cell phones cheap-Get On Fat Guy – we found Windows Phone 8 & colours!

Get On Fat Guy – we found Windows Phone 8 & colours!- Discount cell phones

March 6, 2013 | By Mylan Cellular

One and a half month after the last release we are proud to announce version 1.5.3 of GOFG Sports Computer. We tried to incorporate all of the feedback we received for Windows Phone.

One of the main differences is: we are now Windows Phone 8 compatible – which means GOFG Sports Computer runs without any limitations on WP8 (this time for real). In addition we realized some colours would look nice so we added some highlights to the interface – which means less DOS stylish look .

Here is the list of all changes in this version:
•after uploading a track can be opened directly on
•uploaded tracks are marked with a check in the overview
•app now asks you to rate it
•upload code change to work with new Sportstracker version
•updates of several libraries

What else is left to say? GOFG Sports Computer is now fully integrated with the GOFG Sports Tracker Software – which allows to analyze your training online and share it with your friends over Twitter and Facebook.

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