Unblocked cell phone-Sprint mixing it up with new leak of a Purple Samsung Galaxy S III


Sprint mixing it up with new leak of a Purple Samsung Galaxy S III- unblocked cell phone

Posted by Mylan Cellular  on March 5, 2013,


Sprint suposed Purple Galaxy S III

It would appear that Sprint and Samsung will be releasing a special purple Galaxy S III this coming April. The tip shows what is supposed to be a screen grab of an internal Sprint portal outlining the upcoming color with 16GB on board storage. It also looks like Sprint will be putting the Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic4G Touch white, out to pasture.


It isn’t all that surprising though. With the Samsung Galaxy S IV announcement heading out way in just 10 days, the Galaxy S III should see a price drop. If the S III gets a price drop, then their really isn’t much need for the S II to stick around much longer. What better way to wrangle in some new activation’s then with a special color choice not on the market already.

Nothing is confirmed by Sprint nor Samsung at this time, so we will just have to wait and see if it pans out



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