Cellular Phone New York-Huawei also studying Google Glass: advanced model expected to be launched in 5-10 years


Huawei also studying Google Glass: advanced model expected to be launched in 5-10 years-cellular phone New York

February 28, 2013 by Mylan Cellular


One of the most heated topics among rumors would be Google Glass which would be launched In a year or two. Other phone makers or technology firms are following the trend of wearable devices such as eyewear, smart watches. We found out the the Chinese rising star in smartphone production – Huawei, is also interested in expanding their line of products including smart eyewear like google glass.

In Huawei’s discover possible MWC2013 press conference. Its CEO of consumer products Yu held that their company could launch advanced smart glasses in five to ten years.

The CEO said they have been doing a lot of research and development in their labs after he was asked about his opinions of Google Glass. Saying that they would make augmented reality eyewear possible, at the moment Huawei has given no information regarding their schedule of releasing such amazing AR product to the consumer market.

A handful of manufactures have hinted their technological eyewear since google initiates this topic. Yet, it would be premature to say that this won’t happen because Google Glass has not actually arrived at the market but would be doing their beta testing in on their I/O event scheduled in May 2013.

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