CES 2013 Preview

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CES is only around the corner and there are some exciting things to be revealed this year. A lot of excitement in the HDTV industry for the most part. This year Samsung has more heads turning in their direction for their hype building HDTV teaser, while most people don’t expect too many big things from Smart phones besides some mid-range device.


Last year the biggest shower at CES for smart phones was Nokia with their Lumia line of Windows phones. Now, we all know what happened after that, which was they got pretty decent sales, but were over-shadowed by Samsung Galaxy S 3 and the iPhone 5, which were revealed later that year at their own events. This is typically what happens at CES when it comes to smart phones, while with other electronic devices it is a wonderland of “what if” and “maybe this year for sure” when multiple companies attempt to wow investors in their new goodies.

For instance, last year Samsung showed off a transparent window smart TV display that had touchscreen controls and can work as blinds for your windows, while letting in plenty of light. This wow’d a lot of convention goers,

Samsung's HDTV teaser

Samsung’s HDTV teaser

but it never revealed itself to the general public as any type of product on selves. This year Samsung is, maybe, doing it again with an oddly shaped HDTV. At least, that is what we assume it is from the poster and odd teaser they released this past week. The picture shows a “salt flat” like area with a HDTV like frame on it’s side with a tree in the middle. People’s best guess on what this is, is a horizontal HDTV with screen splitting, or multitasking, as it’s main feature. Will this wow people? Or be too different to be successful? We’ll find out in a few weeks.

As for smart phones, it will be a rather quiet showing of new devices. Pantech, ZTE, Huawei and Sony all have new phones to show off. Huawei in particular has a new Windows 8 phone they’ll be showing at their booth, which has some folks excited for more Windows 8 powered devices. ZTE Will be showing off, allegedly, a new 5 inch 1080p device called Grand S, while Sony will have two new Android powered Xperia’s also with 5 inch displays and 1080p resolution.

LG, RIM, and most cell providing networks are staying rather quiet on what they have, if anything at all. LG and RIM are so quiet they aren’t even going to have anything there, most likely to show off their new devices at their own show. RIM will have their rumored Blackberry 10 reveal on January 30th. Samsung is expected to reveal a mid-range Galaxy device, much like they did last year, but will probably stay quiet on any other big announcements. Samsung tends to hold it’s own events, much like RIM and LG, to reveal their biggest releases.

As for Motorola, they don’t seem to have anything to show… At least they don’t appear to have anything up their sleeves. Apple will continue to show nothing mobile since they have their own shows for everything. So don’t expect to sell your iphone 4 in anticipation for something new from Apple this month, because it ain’t happening.


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